Due to the insistence of many soloists and dancers, Nikolai Androsov, born in Moscow in 1963, creative choreographer and former soloist within the Ballet Moissiev, took over the National Ballet of Russian Seasons in accordance with the rights holders of the name and the Russian State, at the opening of Russia toward the Occident in 1991.

He choreographed two creations 'L’Oiseau de feu' and 'Petrushka' and immediately met success with the company that then would tour through more than 40 countries! Japan, USA, South America ... which offer the young choreographer many opportunities to tour and create.

Then it is the consecration for Nikolai when Maya Plissetksaya, the undisputed legend of the Bolshoi, asked him to collaborate with her. Throughout the world, each ballet with Maya is a triumph.

He then choreographies with the Bolshoi, the Marinskii, in Japan, in the USA, the Rome Opera, the Vienna State Opera, France, Avignon (Festival) and works with many international stars like Patrick Dupond, Marie-Claude Pietragalla ...

In 2003, he choreographed a massive project in St. Petersburg with Luciano Pavarotti, Emma Chaplin, Demis Roussos, Scorpion... in front of 42 heads of state.

The particularity of Nikolai Androsov is the original and successful marriage between popular dance, folk dance, contemporary dance technique and art of the Grand Classical Ballet.

In love with the most beautiful love story, 'Tristan and Isolde', Nikolaï dreamed of a fusion between classical dance, modern dance and Irish dancers as a welcome challenge. A delightful adventure!

It is also a beautiful meeting for the composer and stage director Alan Simon, who was searching for such a rare find!


From county Derry in Northern Ireland, Ciaran began classes in Irish Dance at 5 years old.
At age 17 after competing and winning at the highest levels in competition he was chosen as a cast member for a new Las Vegas production of Michael Flatleys 'Lord of the Dance'. Seven months later he became the youngest ever male principal, and in 2000 was chosen to be understudy on the 'Feet of Flames' world tour.

He then became the principal in the flagship European cast of 'Lord of the Dance', and has toured Asia, Europe, Russia, and South Africa. After performing on 'Dancing with the stars' in 2007, Ciaran retired from the stage and began to develop his choreography work.

He has since choreographed for dance schools all across the USA, and had a world champion winning piece in 2009.

Currently Ciaran resides in Scotland and is a successful restaurateur in the Scottish Highlands. He choreographs for various companies all over the world, and is known for pushing the boundaries with his creations.

Ciaran is extremely proud to be a part of the 'Tristan & Isolde' team, and excited about his work and collaboration with the team being shown to the world.